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How to Change Snapchat Username

Can you change your Username on Snapchat?

Yes, If you are not happy with your current username at Snapchat, You can now change your Snapchat Username once in a Year, Check out the article.

To change Snapchat Username-

Follow the below steps if you want to change your current snapchat username.

  • In your profile there should be ⚙️gear icon, click on that to open the ‘settings’
  • Under ‘My Account’ Option click on ‘Username’
  • After that Tap on ‘Change Username’
  • Enter the New Username and tap on ‘Next’
  • To confirm the action to change your username enter your password and then tap on ‘Confirm;

If you are in doubt what is your current username, click on the profile icon at top of your phone screen, username will be shown under your display name.

How to Change Your Snapchat Display Name?

Display name is the one which will help your friends to recognise you on snapchat, you can change your display name wherever you want.

To create or update your Display Name…

  • Firstly Tap on ⚙️ in ‘My Profile’ to open ‘Settings’ option
  • Under the ‘My Account’ section Click on ‘Name’
  • Enter your Display Name and Click on ‘Save’

People on snapchat will still see the Display Name you chose when you first added them, but your new friends should see your updated Display Name.

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