How to stop OneDrive from backing up data?

There is always some data you want to be with you only, so you can access that. To stop syncing or Unsync the data to OneDrive, you can go through the following steps:-

  • Open your OneDrive account and then go to the settings option
  • Upon opening the settings window of the OneDrive, navigate your cursor to the account tab
  • Go ahead and select the desired folder you want to unsync
  • Your selected account or folder will be unlisted from the folders list available for syncing on your Onedrive account.

If you are specifically looking for Unsync photos to your Onedrive account, turn off the switch at saving documents to OneDrive as it is a default option. On the camera roll option under the settings section, select do not upload videos and photos to Onedrive. Doing this will Unsync your folder from the Onedrive account.

How do I unsync OneDrive without deleting files?

If you decide to Unsync your Onedrive account, you may see that the files get deleted; it is a widespread problem. Below are the listed steps that one can follow to Unsync Onedrive without deleting files:-

  • Open your OneDrive account on explorer and proceed.
  • Select the folders which you do not want to delete
  • Right-click on the folders selected and select the option to keep these on the device.
  • Proceed and select the standard procedure to Unsync Onedrive. This will Unsync your Onedrive account without deleting your desired folders.

Why do you need to Stop OneDrive from Syncing?

One drive is one of the most popular file and data hosting service providers around the globe. It helps users auto backup their essential files and shares them with others. If you doubt why to stop OneDrive from syncing photos, you can check out a few reasons below.

  • If you are running low on storage, you should stop syncing your files and data to Onedrive.
  • Stopping OneDrive from syncing phone also gives you back the control of your files; for every Windows 10 installation, OneDrive gets installed and starts syncing your documents, pictures, etc.
  • If there is some file you want to keep personal and do not want to share with anyone, please go ahead and Unsync your OneDrive account.
  • It starts automatically and runs in the background unless you disable it. It has a significant impact on low-resource PCs, so disabling Onedrive is an excellent way to protect some CPU and RAM usage.

Bottom Line:

You can stop OneDrive from syncing photos anytime by reading the information above. Besides that, if you have any issues or face any trouble, you can speak to Microsoft customer support anytime.

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