How to Turn Off Sleep Mode on iPhone?

Sleep mode is designed to automatically turn off in the morning, but if you want to turn it off permanently, follow the below steps on how to turn off sleep mode on iPhone, including switching off Sleep Mode from the lock screen, turning it off from an Apple Watch, and altogether disabling it.

  • To turn off the bed icon, tap on Sleep from the lock screen.
  • You can also go to the Control Center on your iPhone and click on Sleep.
  • Open the Control Center and tap Sleep; using your Apple Watch,

What is Sleep Mode on iPhone?

It’s the same as Do Not Disturb Mode, but it also dims the screen and prevents notifications from appearing on the lock screen. The primary purpose of Sleep Mode is to prevent distractions while you’re asleep; by using the option Wind Down, which turns on Sleep Mode a little early and restricts access to the majority of your apps. You can choose which apps are allowed during the Wind Down period, but the idea is to block access to any apps, probably to keep you using your iPhone.

How can I turn off sleep mode on my iPhone?

If you are using iPhone, here are the steps to turn off sleep mode on iPhone

  • On your iPhone’s lock screen, tap Dismiss.
  • Tap the bed icon.
  • Enter your PIN if prompted.
  • Click on the Sleep option.
  • Now, Sleep Mode will be disabled instantly.

Disable sleep mode through the control center

You can also turn off Sleep Mode using the Control Center. Here are the steps: You can also use this on the apple watch.

  • Navigate to the Control Center.
  • Swipe down from the top right side of the screen; for iPhone X and later, and for iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and earlier, and Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom.
  • Click on the Sleep option.
  • When the Sleep Mode is off., the Sleep icon changes to Focus.

How to delete sleep schedules in Health App on iPhone?

If you’re enough with Sleep Mode altogether or stop using it for a while, you can also disable it through the Health app., or If you change your mind later, you can switch it back on through the health app itself. Follow the below steps-

  • Open your Health app on your iPhone.
  • From the lower right corner, click on Browse.
  • Now tap on Sleep.
  • Click on Full Schedule & Options.
  • Tap the Sleep Schedule toggle.
  • After that, sleep mode will not turn on automatically
  • To enable it, toggle again to the sleep mode.

So, this is all about sleep mode and how to turn it off by using various techniques.

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