How do I speak to Paypal Live Person?

Dial Paypal Customer service phone number 1-866-528-3733/ 1 (888) 221-1161 to speak to Paypal live person for your transaction or Paypal account-related queries.

Steps to speaking to Paypal Live Person-

To talk to a live person at Paypal follow the given steps and get immediate assistance to your queries from a human Paypal representative.

  • Dial Paypal phone number1(888)221-1161, and Press # or Enter 2, then say “Speak to a representative.”
  • An automated call will be connected to you with a customer service representative at PayPal(Waiting time is 1 hour 20 minutes – 1 hour 50 minutes)

How do you get through to PayPal Customer Service?

There are various ways to speak to a live person at Paypal which are:

1. Paypal Phone Number:

By dialing the toll-free you can get assistance from PayPal’s live person for your trouble with payments and sign up.

  • If you are calling Paypal Outside of the USA, Call Phone Number: 1(402) 935-2050
  • For Paypal Credit Customer Service: 1(866) 528-3733
  • To reach a live person at Paypal Customer service the USA, dial the contact number: 1-888-221-1161

2. PayPal Live Chat Support:

To get support from live chat, Tap on Contact us now, choose the issue that closely matches your reason for contacting us

3. Can you email PayPal?

Type your queries into the “Tell us why you’re contacting Paypal” and Click “Find,” then click “Email Us” and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Messages on Social Media:

  • Twitter: @AskPayPal
  • Facebook:

5. Paypal Community:

You can ask the queries in the Paypal Community or can search the questions in the forum.

PayPal Customer Service UK: Talk to a human

Contact our UK customer support team on 020 8080 6500* or 0800 358 9448* from a landline only or visit PayPal on the community support page, If you have any questions.

How do I dispute a charge on PayPal?

To dispute transactions, follow the simple steps:

  • Log in to your PayPal Account
  • Open a dispute in the resolution center within 180 days of your payment date; click on “Dispute a Transaction” Under ” Report a problem.”
  • Now select the transaction and click on continue
  • Select “Item dispute.

Why can’t I log into my PayPal account?

If you are facing trouble in logging into your PayPal account, you just need to clear your cache and cookies from the internet browser and if you forgot your email address for your PayPal account, follow.

  • PayPal Log-in Page
  • Tap on “Having trouble logging in?”
  • Click on “Forgotten your email address?”
  • Enter up to 3 email addresses you have registered
  • if an email you entered is recognized, click on continue to log in. If you remember your account password

and forgot the password, check out here for what if I have forgotten my PayPal password.

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