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how to talk to Hulu Live person

How do I get in touch with someone from Hulu

While trying to talk to someone at hulu customer service you sometimes face dificulties to locate the infomation on its page. in this article we will explain all the posible way to get in touch with hulu.

Speak to Hulu Customer Service Live Person by Phone:

To talk to live person at Hulu Phone Number Follow these commands over phone

  • Dial toll free 1-888-265-6650
  • Stay on the line, Press 4
  • Now IVR will connect you someone at hulu customer service

Hulu Phone Number Voice Main Menu:

  • Call to update your credit card information, Press 1
  • If you have trouble logging into Hulu, Press 2
  • If you have trouble watching Hulu, Press 3
  • For other issues, Press 4
How to get in touch with hulu

Hulu Phone Number Hours:

Dial toll free 1-888-265-6650 to talk to Representatives at Hulu Customer service on 24/7 basis.

How to write mail to Hulu?

You can write your issue with your hulu account at [email protected]

What is the mailing address for hulu?

2500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Hulu Support Help Page:

For help related to your issue visit:

How do I contact Hulu to cancel Subscription?

As a hulu user you can cancel your subscription anytime you want follow the below written instructions.

  • To cancel go to your account page on PC or browser on mobile
  • Choose “Cancel” under “Your Subscription” and follow the on-screen instructions
  • You will receive a confirmation email from hulu and your subscription status on your page should read “Your subscription is about to cancel”

If you are facing difficulty while cancelling subscription you can call hulu support number at 1 (888) 265-6650.

How long does it take for Hulu to refund money?

It will take between 3-5 business days to reflect the refunds on your bank statement and it will also appear in your billing history section on your hulu account page.

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