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How to take screenshot in laptop?| 5 ways for Windows 10

How to take screenshots on Windows 10 Easily?

The best way to take a screenshot on Windows 10 is by pressing the Print Screen key (PrtScn) button on your keyboard. There is various key aggregate to require screenshots of portions of the screen.

How to take screenshot in laptop?

As per your laptop hardware, you can use windows Logo Key +PrtScn as a shortcut to take a screenshot, if you do not have the PrtScn button on your device, you should use Fn+Windows logo key+Space Bar as a shortcut to print the screen.

how to take screenshot in laptop
windows screenshot shortcut

List of Windows 10 screenshot shortcuts:

  1. Press PrtScn:  The whole screen will be saved to the clipboard. you’ll paste the screenshot into any program that displays images, like Paint or Microsoft Word.
  2. Press the Windows key + PrtScn.: By this screenshot shortcut the whole screen will be saved as a picture file. you’ll find it within the “Pictures” folder, during a subfolder called “Screenshots.”
  3. Press Alt + PrtScn:  It is used to copies the active window to the clipboard, which you’ll paste into another program.
  4. Press the Windows key + Shift + S: The screen will dim and therefore the mouse pointer will change. you’ll drag to pick some of the screens to capture. The screenshot is going to be copied to the clipboard, which you’ll paste into another program. (This shortcut only works if you’ve got the newest version of Windows 10 installed, called the Windows 10 Creators Update.)

Windows 10 screenshot shortcut without print screen key:

  • Start the Snipping Tool from the beginning menu.
  • within the “Mode” drop-down, choose the type of screenshot shape you would like – you’ll choose anything from full screen to rectangular to a free-form shape.
  • Click New and your screen will freeze. you’ll then use the mouse to make the screenshot. The screenshot will then appear within the Snipping Tool window.
  • If you would like to incorporate something sort of a tooltip, which only appears after a mouse movement, you’ll specify how long to attend before taking the screenshot using the Delay menu.
  • If you would like to, once you’ve taken your screenshot, you’ll use the drawing tools to annotate the screenshot.
  • When you’re done, click “File” then click “Save As” to save lots of the finished screenshot to your computer.
  • You can also click the copy button within the Snipping Tool window – it’s like two pages laid over each other – to repeat the image to your clipboard.

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