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How do I reset my Roku Pin | Change Roku Pin if you Forgot

How to change and reset Roku Pin?

If you are a Roku user and share your account with people, you can easily create a Roku pin. and reset it for privacy concerns and safe access.Go through the instructions given below on how to change Roku Pin.

To reset (change) Roku Pin:

  • Go to the 
  • Sign in to your account using an email address along with the password
  • Now Tap on the ‘my account.’
  • Navigate to ‘Pin Preference’ and click on ‘update’
  • To change the pin, Create a New Pin and Verify it by typing it again
  • After that, click on ‘save changes.’

And this is how you can update the Roku pin.

How do I set a purchase PIN?

Follow the given steps below to set a purchase PIN for your Roku account

  • Visit Making purchases and adding content and choose either of the following.
    • Always require a PIN to make purchases or add items from the Channel Store.
    • Always require a PIN to make purchases.
  • Go to Change current PIN Section. If you don’t have a PIN yet, Create a PIN.
  • Enter the PIN you want to use. Tap on Save Changes.

How to Update Parental Controls PIN for Roku Channel?

If you want to setup a parental controls PIN for your Roku Channel for safe use go through the steps:

  1. Navigate to Parental Controls for Roku Channel and choose the access on the basis of Little Kids, Young Kids, Teens
  2. Follow the On screen instructions and save changes.

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