how to report on facebook
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How to report on Facebook

How to report something on Facebook?

Want to report something of facebook?As every one use Facebook on daily basis, sometimes we find something inappropriate or abusive on Fb and wish to be remove that thing so badly do not worry we can complain it to the community and this article will teach you how to report on Facebook. and remember their support team take these report very seriously just to make the social media usable for everyone

What can be report on Facebook?

Here is the list of something you can complain to the Facebook community.

  • Any Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Post
  • Posts on your timeline
  • Any photos and videos
  • Messages and chat
  • Facebook Page
  • Group on Facebook
  • Advertisement on Facebook
  • Any Event
  • Comments on Facebook

How to report Facebook profile?

  • Go to the particular profile you want to complain about
  • And click on the 3 dotted menu
  • Tap on the “Find Support or Report Profile
  • Choose the specific reason you want to report that profile
  • After completing the Feedback procedure your report request will be submitted to the community and they will review your request and update you regrading this.

So this is the process to block someone on Facebook. to be deleted

For clear instructions go through the video:

In the video we have explain the process with simple steps

Procedure to reporting a post

  • If you find any post abusive you can complain about the post as well follow the process.
  • Go to the particular post and click on the post till the 3 dotted menu appear on the left side of the topmost corner
  • Click on the 3 dotted icon
  • and select the option “Find support and report post”
  • Now you need to choose the reason of reporting

By performing the above steps you can report a Facebook post. and anything of the Fb if you have any query you can also contact the support team.

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