How to Clear History on Google Chrome?

After searching anything on Google Chrome, users once try to see their search history. 

Some steps can help the users see the browsing history they have searched from their chrome. 

If users are unfamiliar with the ways to see the browsing history, they can go through the points that are given in the below section:

How to Check the search history of Google Chrome?

  • The initial step is to open Google Chrome on your android devices.
  • On the new page, tap on the right corner where three dots icons will be mentioned. 
  • Tap on the three dots, and a list will show up.
  • From that list, choose ‘history.’ it will open a new page showing you the search history. 

How to clear history on google chrome? 

Sometimes when users have searched for something on Google Chrome, and now they want to clear their search history. They might have questions regarding how to clear history on google chrome. When users are not regular, search any history and clear it out. There are reasons why users want to clear their history, and they are as follows:

Reasons behind clearing browsing history:

  • When they do not want to keep the history.
  • When they want to disable the views of the journey.
  • It also affects the tabs that have been logged in to other tabs.
  • If the account has been synced to other devices that users use. 

Steps to clear the history from Google Chrome:

  • Go to Google Chrome on your android devices.
  • Go to the right corner, and tap on the three dots icon.
  • A list will show up from which tap on the ‘History.’
  • Click on the option, and a page will prompt showing your device’s search history.
  • Go to the below section, and click on the ‘clear history option.’ it will ask you to select the dates when you want to clear a portion of your history.
  • Tap on the ‘All time’ option from the section. Tap on the ‘clear data.’
  • All the browsing history of the users that they have selected will get cleared.

Can I delete an item from Google History? 

Yes, you can quickly delete your Google History. The users deleted some part of their history. Since some users are unaware of the steps to delete their history. Those users can go through the below-given steps:

  • Open Google Chrome on their android devices. 
  • Go to the history section from the list on the screen after clicking on the three dots icon. 
  • Please search for the entry that users want to delete from their browser.
  • There will be an option on the right to remove. Click on the option.
  • To delete all the entries, touch and hold the history. Select the entries and delete the entries you want to delete.
  • All the history of your Google Chrome will get deleted. 


Users can use these tips and benefits to clear and delete their Google Chrome history. Users can follow these tips even for future uses. These steps generally allow new users or those unaware of the points to delete their history. 

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