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How to cancel Disney plus subscription

How do I cancel my subscription to Disney+? 

Are you the Disney plus’ user and Looking for the solution to how to cancel Disney plus subscription, well go through the article for instructions. or simply type disney plus/account/cancel-subscription in web browser.

Ways to cancel Disney plus subscription:

These are the best option to cancel Disney plus subscription, Follow the guide for browser and app.

Cancel subscription via Disney plus app:

Open your app and go to My Profile > Account > Billing Details

Via Web Browser:

  • Go to any web browser
  • Login to your Disney + app
  • and go to “my profile” and Tap on “account” option
  • Now navigate to “billing details”

After that you will get the confirmation screen for cancellation to complete it click on ” complete cancellation”

Cancel Disney Plus on iPhone

If you are using Disney Plus on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you can cancel your subscription by following the given steps:

  • Go to the Settings and click on account name
  • Click on iTunes & App Store
  • Select Apple ID > View Apple ID
  • Select Subscriptions
  • And navigate to Disney Plus from the list of subscriptions
  • Tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm

So these are few ways to cancel subscription on Disney plus on various platforms and if you have any query you can get in touch with support team.

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