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How to fix Hotmail not receiving Emails Error?

When the mails are coming to the mail application, but they are not making it to your Hotmail account, that means your mail has some technical glitch, and you have to follow the exact necessary steps to make changes in your Hotmail settings.

  • If you can’t receive the mail on your Hotmail browser, log in to your Hotmail account in a different browser and then inspect the mailbox again to see whether you receive any new mail or not.
  • Clear all browsing data and cookies, and then recheck the Hotmail account.
  • Click on the “manage and delete cookie’’ and clear all the history.

The reason why my Hotmail not receiving Emails?

There are various reasons behind Hotmail not receiving Emails.

  • Sometimes the server responsible for handling the operation of the Hotmail account does not work. It creates a problem for the Hotmail users to get the Email in the primary section of their account.
  • Similarly, there can be an internet connectivity issue, and sometimes the emails land up in the trash.
  • The Email which somehow contains prohibited content or something that violates the policy of the Hotmail, those emails always end up in the spam and trash folder. It is a common reason for creating email problems.
  • When the storage of your email account gets full, it’s when the mail stops receiving any mail that arrives at you, as there is no space left for them.
  • If the sender is accidentally or knowingly in your block list, and every time they send an email, it will not get delivered to your mail account.

Methods to resolve Hotmail not receiving Email on any browser:

There are various methods to solve the issue in your Hotmail account. Read out the methods mentioned below.

  • Try to log in to the Email by using any other browser, and if the browser doesn’t work, check whether you have full connectivity.
  • If you cannot log in to your account, you need to clean up all the browser history and delete all the cookies and cache data.
  • You can also try to update your browser’s plugins and update the browser you are using at a particular time.
  • You should also check the server status, and sometimes users cannot receive the emails because the server has completely failed.

How to fix Hotmail not receiving Email on iPhone?

When there is an issue in receiving Email in Hotmail on your iPhone, you need to first check the mail days to Sync settings on your account. And follow the given steps to know and resolve the issue.

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone and select the password and Accounts option’’.
  • Tap to the Hotmail account and then select’ Mail days to Sync.
  • Click on the “no limit’’ options, and all your mail will Sync, and you’ll receive all your mails.

Tips to fix Hotmail not receiving Email on Android?

The Hotmail email offers a built-in reset option in the app to be used in
the androids; first, you need to make sure your auto Sync is enabled,
then do a manual syncing by yourself. Clear your device storage and
ensure to type the correct password during login. Clear the cache and
data from your email app and upgrade your Hotmail app.

Hence, you can quickly solve the Hotmail not receiving email problems by using the aforementioned ways. If you still face any issues, you can easily connect with the Hotmail customer support team for further assistance.

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