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iPhone Error 29|how to fix iTunes Error 29 (Hardware issue)

How do I fix iPhone error 29: Step by Step Procedure

Errors can be encountered by anyone and at any time. So, if you have an iPhone and happen to face error 29 but do not know how to resolve it then you can refer to the information in this article. This article will tell you the reasons and resolutions so that you can fix iPhone error 29 without any hassle.

Reasons that Cause iPhone Error 29!As

These are few basic reason of getting this error with your iTunes-

  • If you have changed your iPhone battery and started using an iPhone.
  • In case you have installed any third-party antivirus application then also you may face error 29 on your iPhone.
  • Also not updating the iOS of your device may lead to such an issue.

There can be many other reasons which can lead you to iTunes error 29 and make hindrances. The resolutions to fix iPhone error 29 are mentioned here.

Troubleshooting for iPhone Error 29!

To fix this error of iTunes try the method given below and get rid of this issue easily-

  • In case you have changed your battery and replaced it with the duplicate one then you need to use the original one.
  • Also, you can try to restart your device so that its functions are refreshed.
  • Another way to get away with this issue is by choosing to either uninstall or disable third-party antivirus applications.
  • And do not forget to update your iOS device.
  • Also do not forget to check the 3rd party security software in your phone.

In case, the above procedure does not work for your then you should try to reset your device or can use the iTunes alternative tool .Still, you have not got a proper resolution then contact Apple Support for assistance.

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