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Enable google assistant

How to enable google assistant? Fix OK google not working Issue:

What is Google assistant?

Google assistant is a virtual assistance, which have the capability of using your android phone using your voice. which makes the mobile phone easily accessible. so today we are going to learn how to enable google assistant and fixing of OK google not working error.

How to enable google assistant in phone?

So. if your buy a new android phone and struggling with how to enable google assistant, then go through the whole article to enable google assistant in any android phone.

Follow the basic steps:

  • First you need to go the settings option of your android phone
  • Now scroll till you see ” Google” option and tap on that
  • Click on the account services option under the google
  • You should a list of option but you need to tap on the search, Assistant & voice.
  • Tap on the voice and after that you need to click on the voice match
  • Toggle on the Hey google settings, which will ask you to agree the agreement and the next step will be OK google setup by saying ” OK google ” terms.

So these are easy and basic google assistant setup settings, by performing the above steps you can easily access the assistant of google in your phone.

For clear instructions go through the video:-

How to enable google assistant settings

Fixed to ” Why OK google not working error?”

Follow these 5 tips to get rid of the issue OK google not working.

  • Check the language setting for the google assistant
  • Or may be it can be the issue from the google as well so check for that
  • Check the microphone or mic setting for your android device
  • Disable the S voice of your phone if you are using the Samsung phone
  • Follow these steps Go to settings> Voice>” voice search” detection, toggle on the feature on for google assistant

By following the step by step procure you can get rid of this error of OK google not working.

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