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8 Laptop Common Issues: That Cost You Hours of Productivity

If you have already decided that the computer problem you are dealing with is hard to fix by yourself, this article is for you. Similar to other digital devices or gadgets, experiencing technical glitches on computers is common. 

Before you run off to the nearest laptop repair shop or contact support, try implementing these solutions to fix the technical error you are dealing with. 

Slow Computer

We always expect faster functioning from our digitals, so nothing is more annoying than sluggish performance. If you find out that your computer is performing slower than usual, restart it to improve its speed. For better results, shut down the computer following a proper procedure and then start it. 

Several apps run in the background when you’re working on a computer. These apps and the one you’re working on consuming system resources, leading to a slow down. Restart your computer to free up resources and speed up the performance. 

Overheating Device

It starts to heat up when you don’t bother to shut down your computer for several days. The temperature keeps rising, particularly when you’re working on resource-heavy or graphics-rich apps, so you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

As a result of overheating, the fans inside the device start to spin intensely, which produces loud sounds. If that happens, shut down your computer immediately. Inspect if the fans are working properly and if there is sufficient heat dissipation from side panels. 

Fast Battery Drainage

When you use your computer for long hours in a stretch, battery drainage is normal. In addition, if you’re using an old laptop, you can expect the battery to drain quickly as the lithium battery loses its ability to hold a charge over time. Charging your laptop’s battery for longer hours will not solve the issue at hand. 

If this happens, the only troubleshooting is to replace the battery. When the battery starts to drain faster, repairing them doesn’t help. Find a compatible battery for your laptop and replace it. To prevent future battery drainage, keep the visuals minimal. 

Sudden System Crash

Don’t panic when your computer doesn’t start or suddenly crashes while you are working on it. A software application or a hardware component is responsible for the abrupt breakdown of the device; you need to detect it immediately to fix the issue. 

Run hardware diagnostics check on your computer to detect the hardware component that is at fault. In most cases, hard drive corruption causes the system to shut down when you attempt to boot it. If that happens repeatedly, discontinue using the device. 

Low Storage Space

Storage issues are common on all digital devices, no matter what operating system you use. If you experience an error message that indicates insufficient storage space, you need to free up the hard drive or the SSD, as it will speed up your computer to some extent. 

If you are using a Mac, the low storage or insufficient RAM space is notified by a rotating pinwheel that prevents you from doing anything on the screen. In that case, delete unnecessary apps, large volume files, browser cache, user cache, duplicates, and other junk data permanently from the storage media. 

Interrupted Internet Connectivity

Nothing seems more frustrating than the slower internet connection, particularly when working from home or gaming with your friends. First, check if the signal is weak or if there’s no internet service available from the provider’s end. 

Reset the modem and router by turning them off. Wait for 20 seconds, and then turn off the WiFi devices again. Connect your laptop to the WiFi. You may need to contact your internet service provider and ask for assistance if nothing seems to work. 

Sluggish Apps & Programs

Apps are meant to make your work easier. What if the app starts to perform sluggishly, and restarting your computer won’t help much? Check if an updated version of the app is available. If yes, install it right away to optimize the app’s performance. 

More often, the system gets stuck when you try to open resource-heavy apps on Mac. Update the drivers by installing them from the app’s official website. Check the version and its compatibility with your system before installing them on the drive. 

Abrupt Malicious Attack

When your computer becomes the victim of malware, it displays unusual error messages and simply annoying pop-ups. In this case, you need to scan your computer by running an antivirus application. Remember, do not click on any links unless necessary, as it can land you in a more difficult situation. 

Before you install an antivirus on your computer, make sure to check the system requirements and compatibility. Also, download the antivirus tool from a trusted and legitimate website only. Download the app in the downloads folder so that you know the file’s storage location to detect it easily.

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