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What to do if my iphone is not connecting to Wifi?

Is your iPhone not connecting to internet? Know how to fix it:

An iPhone user sometimes faces trouble while connecting to WiFi or mobile data. and this article we are going to discuss how to troubleshoot iPhone not connecting to the internet problem easily.

5 ways to troubleshoot Wi-fi issues on iOS Devices:

Try these settings if you are unable to use the internet on your iPhone.

  • Check your router if it is on or working fine.
  • Check wifi settings of your iPhone
  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Check Issues with Your Wifi

Detailed guide to Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues for ios devices(iPhone,iPad,iPod touch)

1. Check your router is on Or You are in Range:

If you are using your phone far from your router you probably do not get a strong signal so make sure you are within the wifi range.

2. Check if your wifi is on or see your networks:

To check wifi is on or not go to settings> WI-FI and if it is not on the toggle on the button to right and a blue check mark beside the network name shows you’re connected to this particular network.

5 tips to fix iPhone to Connecting to Internet
5 tips to fix iPhone to Connecting to Internet

3. Restart Your iPhone:

Try to reset your iOS device for that Press or hold either volume button & the side button until the power off slider appears on the screen and for iPad or iPod Touch checkout here- to restart the iOS device

4. Reset Your Network Settings:

Still can’t connect to the internet on iPhone? try to rest your network settings tap on settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

Note: By resetting the network settings it resets the password, cellular settings, VPN, and APN settings you have set before.

5. Check Issues with Your Internet Provider:

Try to get in touch with your internet service provider maybe there is some technical failure from the service provider in your area.

Using the above 5 tips you can easily get rid of the iPhone not connecting to the internet issue if you’re still facing the same issue then visit the official website of Apple support and get resolved your issue.

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