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Windows Update Errors: 5 Quick fix to Update keep failing

Are You Troubled With Windows 10 Update Error? Try These 5 Fixes:

From integrating new features to patch security vulnerabilities, every single Windows update brings many essential components that advance its functioning. Nevertheless, sometimes, the update backfires and starts troubling the users. This could be anything to see such problems with Windows Update like corrupt downloading, installation error, poor internet. And nothing is frustrating like Windows 10 update error. 

If you’re one of those who are seeing Windows update error and want to fix the issue. But you also wonder how to fix Windows update error, this post will guide you thoroughly to resolve Windows errors. So, read along carefully!

Fix 1 – Restarting Device

  • To begin with, open the ‘Start’ menu on your Windows PC.
  • Then click Power icon and from the available options, choose Restart. 

It will take a few minutes to restart PC, wait until it gets started. Check if the issue is fixed. Otherwise, follow the next fix to get rid of Windows update error. 

Fix 2 – Checking Internet Connection

However, it is impossible to install the Windows 10 update without internet. Check the internet connectivity of the device and make sure the internet is providing optimum speed. Besides, to be sure to have an active internet connection, the following steps will help in doing the job:

  • Similarly, open Start menu and search for ‘Command Prompt’, from search results, select the Command Prompt option. 
  • In the console, type “ping” and click Enter. 

Note: Here pinging Google domain is used as a reference, it can be any domain or service like Google DNS services ( or 

  • Make sure that there’s no packet loss in receiving a reply. 

Although through a web browser, you can check any website, Command Prompt is a more effective way to find out the network connectivity. 

Just in case, you are not able to establish a connection with the internet on your device, the issue isn’t in the latest Windows 10 update. Fix the internet problem and start using your device without Windows update error.  But if it’s not the internet, you must try to pause updates and restart it when the internet speed is good. 

Fix 3 – Pausing Updates

There are times when Windows update not working issue appears while downloading. In such a case, pausing the downloading of updates and resuming it may help to fix the issue. And you can do the job with these simple steps:

  • First of all, open Settings and go to the Update & Security section. 
  • Then choose the Windows Update and click ‘Pause updates for 7 days’ option. 
  • Next, you have to restart the device. 
  • Again, go to the Settings, choose the Update & Security option. 
  • Further, select the Windows Update section and click Resume Updates. 

This is it! You’ll see it working. No glitches, no hassles, just downloading the Windows 10 update. Also, when things go awry and you are still stuck with the same problem, don’t worry about it. You still have options to fix the Windows update error. 

Fix 4 –  Freeing Up Space

It may be the case that lacking in storage can trigger this error, not enough space is available for the update to get installed. You can free up some space from the drives with these instructions:

  • Go to Settings and then, open System. 
  • Further, choose the Storage option. 
  • Also, select the Temporary files in the ‘Local Disk C:’ section. 
  • Additionally, choose the items that you want to clean from your device. 

Note: Before deleting the files, you must go through the drive so as to remove files or folder. And when you choose ‘Downloads’, all the files stored in it will be erased on a single click. Kindly, get a backup before clearing space. 

  • And confirm by clicking Remove Files option. 

The moment files are deleted, more space will be there to install the Windows Update without showing no enough space to install Windows 10 update. 

Fix – 5 Windows Update Using Troubleshooter

On Windows 10, you can find the Windows Update troubleshooter tool to diagnose and fix common glitches with the update error. And to make it simple here is the procedure:

  • Likewise, you need to go to Settings and open the ‘Update & Security’ option. 
  • Also, select the Troubleshoot button. 
  • In the ‘Get up and running’ tab, choose the Windows Update. 
  • Then you have to click Run the Troubleshooter option and click Close. 

Once you follow the aforementioned fixes, the Windows update error will no longer trouble and you can access the device without any hassle. Besides, if the issue persists, contact Microsoft support to get it fixed with the assistance of technical experts.

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