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How to sign out of Netflix Account

(Guide) How to sign out of Netflix Account?

Sometimes, You get annoyed when you try to stream your show and got a screen ” someone else is watching show on your account” and that time the only things you want to kick that someone from your Netflix account. in this article i will show you how to sign out of Netflix account.

2 Methods to “How to log out Netflix Account”?

Follow these two methods to manage your account on multiple devices.

How to sign out Netflix on one device?

  • Open your Netflix account
  • Click on the profile and tap on “More” Option
  • Now choose “Sign out”

and this is how you can manage this profile on particular device

How to Sign out Netflix from all devices

If you are willing to log out your account on multiple devices then these steps will help you out.

  • Open Netflix account on any browser
  • Click on “More” Option
  • and Tap on the “Account” or Navigate to the ” Sign out from all devices”

Note: This can take up-to 8 hours to completely log out account from all devices.

I hope, By following the above steps you can simply manage your Netflix account on multiple devices.

Checkout the Video tutorial for log out Netflix account:

How to sign out of Netflix Account

Some How to queries related to log out process.

  1. How to sign out of Netflix on iPhone

    1. Go to Netflix Home Screen
    2. Click on the Profile icon
    3. and tap on sign out button

  2. How do I kick someone off my Netflix account?

    If someone is using your account without your will you can kick that person off.
    1. Change your Password
    2. Sign out of all devices: if you remove account from all devices you will need to sign in it with your new password.
    3. See ” how to keep your Netflix account secure

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